Autumn in the Irish Garden


Five autumn tips for gardeners.

  • Collect your leaves and save them. Aged and composted leaves, or leaf mould, is an excellent resource for your garden. Find a place to store your leaves such as a wooden compost bin, some hessian sacking or just an unused corner of the garden and put an old rug over the top of them. Ideally leave for two years and you will have a homemade, organic soil enhancer at your disposal for top dressing or digging in.
  • Store your garden furniture. It really is a good idea to protect your garden furnishings from the worst of our winter weather.
  • Reflect on your gardens year. This is a good time to have a good look round your garden and remember some of its highlights or disappointments. Write them down to help plan for the following season before you forget or make the same mistakes again.
  • Get some spring bulbs, if you still can. Now is the time to plant them and stocks are already low.
  • Protect your tender plants now. Either bring them indoors or cover them with fleece or similar. Consider your Agaves, tender Geraniums, Ficus, succulents and lift and store your Dahlias.

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