Five essential things for a gardeners December diary….


Five essential things for a gardeners December diary….


The shortest day of the year is fast approaching. For those of us governed by the seasons, it is time to tie up some loose ends.

Tidy up your garden shed.

Clean your tools and sort out your pot collection. That’s right all those jobs you put off the rest of the year now is the time to get domestic and do some house, oops, sorry, “shed-work”.

Put your garden furniture under cover.

Give those tables and chairs a bit of a break from the elements and possibly even some tender care.

Start planning for next year.

It is never too early to make a start on next year’s jobs. Make a list of seeds you want. Think about some new fruit bushes and trees you could grow. Maybe it is finally time to replace those raspberries or strawberries.

Make your New Year gardening resolutions.

Next year there will be more emphasis on training the climbers or feeding the roses or picking the sweet peas. There will be no underperformers tolerated, no dead specimens in pots and it is really time to root out all that lemon balm.

Most importantly, plan your gardening holidays.

Do remember to put visiting some of Ireland’s fantastic gardens on the top of your must visit list. An Irish garden will always provide you with inspiration, admiration and a sense of peace. Inspiration on account of their unique features. Admiration due to their devoted owners. A sense of peace which comes with enjoying all of nature, whether in an Irish Garden or traveling from one to another.

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