Irish Garden Midsummer


Irish Garden Midsummer.

Here we are mid-summer. Our best days and shortest nights. At least for this year that is true. We are having some fantastic weather and there is plenty of hay being made while the sun shines.

Some do and don’ts for late June.


Dead head your Roses. Prolong your Rose flowering by regularly dead heading, snipe off old blooms at about two to three buds down the stem.

Trim back all those spring blooms. Whether they are your Poppies, Irises or your White Rocket, Hesperis matronalis. Things always look better when your old blooms are trimmed back.

Tie in your sweet peas and your garden peas. Growth everywhere is phenomenal at the moment. Don’t risk plants snapping off.

Water your containers well. Best times are early morning or evenings.

Water well under cover, glass or plastic. This is not the time to leave your protected plants unattended.

Feed your crops under cover. Little and often is a good rule to remember. Have you ever considered homemade feeds? Steep some nettles, for Nitrogen, comfrey for Potassium and seaweed, which provides a wide variety of nutrients. Ideally you leave these to ferment about six weeks which is late but not too late for this year. A quicker feed cold be made from steeping some of you own garden compost and producing a liquid from that.


Again opt for little and often. Better safe than sorry. Organic feeds are usually not as concentrated as their chemical equivalents however nothing likes to be overwhelmed with a large dose of something. Consider diluting your home made liquids but do apply regularly, every other day under cover is desirable.

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