Make an Irish Garden Tour, five reasons why:


One: Their Location.

Irish Gardens of distinction are to be found all over Ireland. A great part of each gardens character can be attributed to its location in the Irish landscape. A landscape which varies greatly throughout our small Ireland and is unique to its shores.  In Ireland you can find bustling Cities and deserted mountains, vast boggy plains and dramatic shorelines and all punctuated with their own distinct gardens.

Two: The Climate.

The Irish maritime climate dictates our lush and wonderful vegetation. Being predominantly mild means we have natively growing what may often be termed exotic elsewhere. The Arbutus tree is a good example as is the wild Connemara, filled with Crocosmia and our roadsides lined by tall Fuchsia bushes.

Three: The Gardens.

Their location and the Irish climate all contribute to our Gardens’ qualities and mean that no two Irish Gardens are the same. Not only do their location and setting vary but so do their owners and consequently their influence on their garden ideals.

Four: The Garden Owners.

Irish gardens of distinction are owned and tende3d for by an amazing spectrum of personalities, individuals and organisations. From Helen Dillon, the well-known Garden Writer and her husband, to The Benedictine Nuns, who fled The Great War in Europe, to Local Authorities, to Earls and to other great horticulturists and Plant Collectors.

Five: The Irish.

Touring Irelands Gardens’ will let you meet their owners and also give you the opportunity to meet the even more Irish People along the way. We are famed for hospitality and Craic. An experience you will not find anywhere else in the world is the “Céad Míle Fáilte”, a hundred thousand welcomes to Ireland.

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